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Business Against Poverty


"We’re proud to support Business Against Poverty, the business arm of the charity People Against Poverty.’’


Fairway Learning is committed to supporting people in fulfilling their potential. We spend the majority of time working in partnership with business clients providing development programmes to support individuals, teams and organisations, this charity allows us to provide the practical support that some individuals need outside of this corporate environment.


Business Against Poverty is a charity committed to changing lives by alleviating poverty and suffering around the world through direct action.


Their aims are:


  • Feed the hungry, provide shelter, clothe and educate the poor, care for the sick and bring communities together to break the cycle of poverty.
  • To form communities to engage with People against Poverty.
  • To be a gateway, directly enabling communities here in the UK, to engage with International communities bringing life changing experiences.


Business Against Poverty, is a community of businesses in the UK who through their engagement with projects support the reduction of international poverty and who have a desire to change the lives of others.


Business Against Poverty is an accredited membership, this community of business people care about the issues of poverty and ethical standards and are taking action! Working together with like minded people, Business against Poverty enables businesses to embrace their corporate social responsibility.


Every penny donated makes a huge difference to the young children and their families. It literally can mean a case of life or death for some. If you would like to help change the life of a child or for more information on People against Poverty, or Business against Poverty then please don’t hesitate to contact People against Poverty or Business against Poverty direct.”

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